In the Slovenian sea, the general rule of navigation applies in accordance with the Maritime Code (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 62/16). Ships must sail at least 300 meters from the shore when sailing in the coastal sea. Speedboats 250 meters, and other vessels, except rowing boats, 200 meters. Water scootering is allowed in the sea zone from 250 to 2000 meters from the shore. Paddle boats, kayaks, canoes and windsurfers can be sailed up to 1,000 meters from the shore.

You can only get to the shore at a reduced speed, in a perpendicular direction to the shore. Be careful, as swimming on natural beaches is allowed in a 150-meter-wide strip along the coast. In areas where sea bathing areas are marked, vessels must sail and anchor at least 50 meters from the outer edge of the bathing area.

The diving area must be visibly marked in areas where navigation is permitted in accordance with the diving regulations. Vessels must sail at a distance of at least 100 m from the mark.

In accordance with the Decree of the Strunjan Landscape Park, navigation is allowed in the wider part of the Strunjan Marine Nature Reserve. See the figure where the area is marked with the letter “B".

We ask you not to anchor boats too close to the shore, especially in the summer months, due to the large number of bathers. When raising the anchor, first reach the anchor and then raise it. This will cause less damage to the seabed.

Navigation and anchoring are not allowed in the central part of the sea reserve (Bay of the Holy Cross or the Bay of the Moon and the Ronek area). The central part is marked by two yellow buoys at a distance of about 1300 meters. See the figure where the area is marked with the letter “A”.

For the safety of navigation and the protection of bathers, the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Slovenia may mark areas where navigation or anchoring is prohibited.