Mooring Posts

In addition to safeguarding natural assets and biotic diversity, some of the activities of the Public Institute Landscape Park Strunjan focus on preserving the cultural landscape.

Even just a few years ago, the channels and embankments around the Strunjan saltpans which were used for securing boats were in a state of disrepair. The mooring posts were makeshift, the dry-stone embankment was dilapidated, and the silt deposits made it difficult for the boats to navigate at the first sign of low tide. There were even some abandoned, sunken vessels in the channel.

In 2010, the reconstruction of the bottom part of the embankment along the Roja Stream in the south-western part of the Strunjan saltpans part was completed. This enabled the Public Institute to construct in 2014 traditional mooring posts between the bridge used by the saltpan workers to access their working place, on the one side, and the bridge where the Roja Stream flows into the sea, on the other.

In 2015, the Park set up additional mooring piles in the southern part of the boat harbour and along the flow-through channel of the Stjuža lagoon next to the Strunjan saltpans. In 2012 and 2013, the northern embankment of the Strunjan saltpans was repaired as part of the Saltworks project.

The traditional mooring posts were set up with minimum encroachment into the environment. The embankment was restored with sandstone, wooden beams were fixed onto the wall to protect it from impacts by vessels, and 113 traditional mooring posts in total were installed.

Through their respectful attitude towards the natural and cultural heritage, the users of the mooring posts help preserve the natural beauties of the landscape park.