Nature Conservation Supervision

Direct park monitoring in terms of compliance to the proscriptions defined by the Nature Conservation Act and regulations derived from it is performed on-site by inspectors and nature conservation officers.

Direct supervision tasks carried out in the area of Landscape Park Strunjan involve:

1. Direct monitoring of the park;
2. Supervision of protection regime implementation;
3. Ascertainment of facts in violations of proscriptions contained in the Act and informing the competent inspection bodies about them;
4. Admonishing individuals of the protection regimes with the purpose of preventing criminal conduct of public concern.

Prior to conducting any activities for commercial purposes in the area of the park, such as filming, photographing, organisation of events, entertainments and the like, the operators must obtain authorisation from the Public Institute Landscape Park Strunjan, which sets the conditions for allowing the performance of each such activity, and cover the expenses of nature conservation supervision as follows.

The Nature Conservation Supervision Service of the Public Institute Landscape Park Strunjan is composed of:

Phone: 08 20 51 880

Price list

Direct monitoring or management of organised events in which nature conservation supervision is indispensable Up to 30 people

427 EUR

Over 30 people

549 EUR

When supervision is conducted for more than 4 hours

671 EUR

The price list is valid from January 16, 2018.
Prices include VAT.