Since your feet are only one of the hundreds of thousands of pairs that annually visit our park, it does matter where they walk. By following the marked paths you will contribute greatly to the preservation of nature and avoid unnecessarily scaring the animals, trampling the plants or adding to the already arduous labour of the saltpan workers. The paths in both of the nature reserves (on the cliffs and around the lagoon and saltpan area) are intended exclusively for pedestrians. Unfortunately, cyclists tend to disregard this much too often.

Trail hiker shoes or lightweight hiking boots with good non-slip soles are recommended, for the paths are unpaved and can become muddy in rainy weather. For the most part, they are also wind exposed, therefore warm, waterproof and wind-resistant clothing is advisable in the colder periods of the year. In summer, the scorching mid-day sun and the heat make a hat and water essential aids to your hiking.

For greater safety, beware of the edges of the cliffs, as in many spots there is only turf left, which may not hold your weight – step carefully forward when near a steep drop, or simply remain a few steps back. Walking and stopping on the shore under the cliffs can also be unsafe, as the rock mass is left to the force of the elements and natural erosion processes, so the crumbling of material off the cliffs’ faces is quite common. The risk of injury caused by falling rocks increases especially during periods of rainy weather.

The paths can be dangerous—use at your own risk and please take care.

Access to the Strunjan Landscape Park on foot:

From Portorož 2,1 km past the Auditorium through the Porečanka tunnel
From Piran 5,9 km along the coast past Bernardin and through the Porečanka tunnel
4,5 km via Fiesa and Pacug
From Izola 6,1 km along the Porečanka through the tunnel and the Strunjan valley
2,9 km along the coast to Belvedere