Swimming in the sea

To keep it that way in future, too, kindly observe the following recommendations and restrictions:

  • access to the beach from the top of the cliffs is only allowed from assigned spots. The paths are marked on the map of the park;
  • for safety’s sake, do not stand under the steep cliff faces, as the erosive processes are constantly at work and unfortunate events caused by the crumbling and falling stones have been known to occur;
  • never build a fire at the beach, for even a single spark, especially in dry summer months, can cause devastating damage;
  • visitors on vessels are asked to anchor as far from the coast as possible in order to ensure the safety of the swimmers and preserve life at the sea bottom;
  • to relieve nature of the stress of our visits, retire from the reserve during night-time.

The preservation of the natural coast and the natural processes around it clearly exerts a positive effect on the quality of water in Landscape Park Strunjan.

In fact, the public beach in the area of the park, near Hotel Talaso (Krka), being awarded the Blue Flag every year. This world-renowned eco-label is awarded to sustainably operated beaches and marines that meet the set criteria in terms of water quality, safety and services, and particularly environmental awareness and information.

After you have enjoyed a day of swimming and sunbathing, you are most welcome to take advantage of your visit to the seaside for learning about the environment that surrounds you, too. At the Strunjan Reserve, nature reveals itself to you in all its diversity.